Built for land banks and community land resource managers, MowNBill is a unique web-based software solution providing accurate, standardized invoicing along with simple but powerful tools that track all mowing and waste management-related activities.
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Built for land banks and
community land resource managers.

Improves Efficiency

  • Is easy to learn and use
  • Saves time and money
  • Facilitates Quick Communication
  • Reduces Time to Process Invoices

Tracks Performance

  • Verifies Vendor Compliance
  • Simplifies Audit Procedures
  • Facilitates Annual Review
  • Provides Yearly Maintenance Costs


  • Automates Reporting Functions
  • Tracks Expenses in Real-Time
  • Provides Data for Informed Decisions
  • Identifies Problem Properties


"I would recommend MowNBill because the cleanliness of our neighborhoods is one of the most important things to our city. As resources become slimmer and slimmer, any time you can come up with a product like this that creates efficiencies, it’s a good thing for our whole community."

Ted Anderson, Executive Director
Land Bank of Kansas City

“Because of MowNBill, per cycle mowing is significantly down as we’re not paying for lots that aren’t in our system anymore. The inventory management and ease of contractor billing coordination is pretty seamless.”

Forest Decker
Kansas City, Missouri Solid Waste

Our Solution


  • Provides Accurate Information

    First, an accurate inventory of properties is created with their attributes along with the ability to assign contractors to them.

  • Betters Communication

    Contractors are notified as properties are assigned and removed from their schedule. When trash and other pickup items are left on the curbside, it is communicated with a single click from the Mark Mowed screen.

  • Improves Tracking of Contractor Activities

    Easily mark a property maintained. Then automatically create an invoice with just a few clicks.

  • Processes Invoice and Payment Quickly

    Only the properties that have been maintained are added to the invoice along with the correct amount for each property, so verifying invoices is a breeze.

  • Manages Compliance

    As properties are Marked Mowed, a user-defined percentage are selected for compliance. Communication between the Inspector and Contractor, if needed, is effortless.

  • Facilitates Reporting

    Monitoring and managing contractor and inspector productivity is a snap.